photo of Nic Tippery

Nic Tippery

Dr. Tippery is a Professor in the Department of Biology, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.

 Twitter: @menyanth

James Moreland (2023) and Theo Wild (2023) present their poster at Undergraduate Research Day.

Dr. Tippery demonstrates DNA extraction with (left to right) Morgan Sabol (2023), Colin Topol (2023), and Jenna Boeck (2023).

Will Krupa (2019) and Lucy Kresken (2019) recording plant specimen data in the UWW herbarium. Photo by Craig Schreiner.

John Sokolik (2015) presenting his research at the Botany 2015 academic conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Brandon Simkowski (2014) and Emily Thompson (2014) surveying a planted prairie community.

Scott Janis (2017) presenting his research at the Science Alliance meeting at UW-Whitewater in spring 2016.

Charles Rowley (2022) and Skylar Wagner (2024) get familiar with Bohemian knotweed in the field.

Colin Topol (2023), Jenna Boeck (2023), and Morgan Sabol (2023) present their work at Undergraduate Research Day.

James Moreland (2022) volunteering to have his iris photographed by Noah Barkes (2022), while Morgan Sabol (2023) looks on.

Jenni Wendtlandt (2020) and Alyssa Olson (2020) presenting their research at the UW-Whitewater Spring 2019 Undergraduate Research Day.

Anya Jeninga (2020) presenting her research at the Botany 2018 academic conference in Rochester, Minnesota.

Rachel Bautzmann (2018) presenting her research at the Genetics Society of America - Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference.

Brandon Murphy (2016) working in the lab on the Phragmites project.

John Sokolik (2015) leading a tour of the Upham Greenhouse.

Colin Topol (2023) works on DNA extraction while Laura Phillips (2022) studies soil cores from an ancient wetland.

Clockwise from left: Colin Topol (2023), Jenna Boeck (2023), James Moreland (2023), Kymberli Morgan (2023), and Morgan Sabol (2023) conducting DNA techniques in the lab.

Shelby Cronce (2017), James Fletcher (2019), Brett Bortz (2020), and Mackenzie Manicki (2019) measuring lake depth at a Fassett's Locoweed study site.

Nicole Sears (2017) presenting her research at UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day in spring 2016.

Jared Pesch (2015) and Autumn Zentner (2015) working in the lab.

Brianna Jicha (2016) and Heather Hookstead (2017) conducting field research on Fassett's Locoweed.