Aquatic Plant Systematics

Phylogenetic relationships, evolution, and biogeography of aquatic vascular plants


Taxonomy, morphology, and systematics of the aquatic plant family Menyanthaceae

Phragmites australis

Population genetics of native and non-native subspecies in North America

Tippery Lab Research

Are you a UW-Whitewater undergraduate student interested in doing research with Dr. Tippery? Contact him at to find out about projects and opportunities!

Upham Greenhouse

The UW-Whitewater Department of Biological Sciences and the Office of Sustainability jointly manage a greenhouse space in Upham Hall, containing biological diversity collections, research space, and space for community outreach. Click the icon below to view the blog for the biological collections blog.

UW-Whitewater Herbarium (UWW)

The UW-Whitewater Department of Biological Sciences also maintains a small herbarium collection of dried plant specimens. Our specimens are being databased and added to the online Flora of Wisconsin portal.